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Seks in het Water

Seks in the Water

Sex in the water may sound very romantic and sexy, but in practice, it is not without risks and dangers! A bit of touching and cuddling underwater is fine, but we recommend saving penetration for dry land!

Do you still absolutely want to have sex underwater?

We got tips for you!

Chlorine does not protect
You might forget that you also need to use condoms underwater. You understand that this is quite inconvenient, but it is essential. Some people think that the chlorine in pool water protects them, but this is absolutely not the case. Chlorine disinfects the water, but it does nothing against STDs and it certainly does not protect you against HIV and Hepatitis.

Lubricant is also your best friend now.
The water is wet, but it is not slippery! It actually washes away the natural lubricants from our bodies. So, definitely use lubricant during sex underwater. Make sure to use a silicone- or oil-based lubricant.

Try new positions
Because you are weightless underwater, you can experiment with positions that are otherwise not feasible. Use your underwater sex moment to try something new!

From pool to shower
Rinse yourself off with clean water after sex. This removes chlorine (or sea salt) and other chemicals that can irritate your skin. And while you're there, use the showerhead to continue playing for a bit longer. →

Be discreet
Of course, discuss with your partner beforehand if they are also interested in a sexy water adventure. And don't have sex in a public pool, because not only is it inappropriate, but in most cases, it is also illegal.

Be careful
With sex in the water, the risk of STDs is higher because it is harder to keep an eye on the condom, and you can catch unpleasant infections from unsanitary water. Additionally, there is always a risk of drowning. So, carefully consider whether it is worth it!

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