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Ambo | Anthos

The Feast - Elizabeth Day

The Feast - Elizabeth Day

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Elizabeth Day's Feast is a haunting novel of obsession, betrayal, privilege and hypocrisy at the heart of the British establishment, for fans of Brideshead Revisited and The Lost History.

Martin Gilmour and Ben Fitzmaurice have been best friends for twenty-five years, ever since they met at Burtonbury School. They form a special couple: a working-class son and the golden boy from an aristocratic family. Martin knows that their friendship is being questioned by others, but he will do anything for Ben. He even keeps Ben's biggest secret.

On Ben's fortieth birthday, surrounded by the British establishment drinking champagne and drugs, Martin once again feels like he doesn't belong. His wife Lucy, who has been suspicious from the start, also senses that there is danger in the air. But Ben would never do anything to risk the friendship. However?

The party is a razor-sharp critique of the British elite and the unwritten laws of the upper class.

***** 'A delightful stand-up satire and a compelling thriller in one, which has been compared to Donna Tartt's The Secret History.' – Judith Eiselin in NRC Handelsblad

**** 'A razor-sharp filleting session of the so-called elite, English Style. You can laugh about it. You can also cry.” – Koen Eykhout in De Limburger

"We're looking forward to this pitch-black psychological thriller about the unwritten laws of the British Upper class." – The VPRO guide.

title The party
Publisher Ambo | Anthos
Author Elizabeth Day
Genre Thriller
ISBN 9789026343247
Publication date 05-07-2019
Number of pages 336
Busy 21e
Language Dutch
Productvorm Paperback
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