CSR & Sustainability


Corporate Social Responsibility is in our DNA, Flavourez was founded to contribute to the acceptance of homosexuality and to contribute to the quality of life of gay men. We do this by offering products that are specially developed for this group. The vast majority of these products are designed and produced by this group.

If you buy a Flavourez product, you support gay brands and gay designers.


We also think diversity is very important. The Flavourez team consists of different nationalities and beliefs that can be found in the Netherlands and Belgium.

If you buy a Flavourez product, you give everyone a career opportunity.


We also believe that one should not be at the expense of the other. That's why we offer our customers a sustainable shipping solution. In this case, we use as little packaging materials as possible. These packaging materials largely consist of recycled raw materials and the packaging materials are 100% recyclable.

If you buy a product from Flavourez, you have the option of receiving your package sustainably.


We also carefully choose the products we offer.

All skincare products are vegan and animal testing, the fetish products are made of high quality imitation leather and we offer vegan lubricant , vegan condoms and latex-free condoms.

The products from the Flavourez clothing line are made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The polyester is made from recycled PET bottles.

If you buy from Flavourez, you can choose from honest products!

In the unlikely event that a product is found that you think is not good for the world, please let us know as soon as possible, we will conduct a thorough investigation and if the product is indeed not good, we will look for a alternative.