Who are we?

Who are we?

Are you looking for beautiful clothing, sexy underwear, An gay gift, or do you just like shopping?

At Flavourez you are at the right place.
In the Gay Shopping Mall we offer products from A brands on the especially for you in your lifestyle are designed. Quality and a positive match guaranteed.

From fun books, mugs and cards to exciting underwear, partywear and toys, we have it all for you! Flavourez is the first to offer this variety of products.

Of number one shop for gay men to become. And to make a noticeable positive contribution to the quality of life of gay men.

Offering quality products to gay men, products that fit the lifestyle, preferably made by gay men or LGBTQ+ brands.

The gAy-team
The Flavourez team is a very diverse team. Almost all groups in society are equally represented within the team. We think this is very important.

We are despite on our orientation and our lifestyle!
That is why we search day and night for new brands and products that fit our lives. This is how we signal the first gay trends, latest brands in nicest products.

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Swipe or click further in the Flavourez Gay Shopping Mall that has been opened especially for you and:

By buying from Flavourez support your your community.