Glamor & Fabulate

Welcome to the first Flavourez blog. In each blog we discuss a different topic. This first blog is about an exciting and well-known underwear that is often worn by gay men: the jockstrap.

What is a Jockstrap?
A jockstrap is a piece of clothing that consists of an elastic waistband with a front pocket for your genitals and two elastic bands that are attached to the front pocket and the waistband. Both left and right so that a leg fits through each opening.

In the past, jockstraps were mainly used during contact sports to protect the genitals.

Why do many men wear a jockstrap?
The current 'fashion' jockstraps worn by many men lift your buttocks and bring your penis and testicles forward. This has two advantages:
This makes your genitals and buttocks appear larger.

The second advantage is that your testicles are gently pushed forward, they are further away from your body, which lowers the temperature in your testicles. The lower temperature contributes positively to the quality of your sperm.

Which jockstraps does Flavourez offer?
Do you want to buy a jockstrap? Then Flavorez is the right place for you! Flavourez only offers jockstraps that are made of the best quality fabrics such as leather, lace, cotton, neoprene, polyamide, mesh and even 'vegan leather'.

Where do you wear jockstraps?
The jockstrap range from Flavourez consists of jockstraps in all colours, prints and patterns. For example, we have jockstraps in solid colors, which are extremely suitable for daily use. You can wear them under trousers, chinos, or during sports. This way you hardly see any lines of your underwear through your pants.

You wear jockstraps with a beautiful print or stylish pattern for your partner, date or at an exciting party. So it is a surprise every time what beautiful thing you wear!

In addition, Flavourez offers a wide range of party jockstraps. With these jockstraps you are the center of every festival, gay club, gay party, beach party or gay cruise.

Of course, these party jockstraps are also suitable to get your partner or date in the right mood!

The leather jockstraps are usually worn at fetish parties, fetish prides, cruise bars, festivals and house parties. In addition to the leather jockstraps, we also have vegan 'leather' jockstraps, which are made of high quality polyamide.

Until the next Flavourez blog and stay Glamourez and Fabulez!