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The cockring!

What is it?

A cockring is a ring that you can slide onto your penis. Because the ring fits snugly, blood can flow to the penis, but flows back more slowly. This results in a harder erection that lasts longer.

How do you use a cockring?

This can be done in different ways. For example, you can place the ring in front of or behind the scrotum. You slide the ring over the penis using lubricant when it is flaccid. It then becomes tight when the penis becomes erect. Note: it should be snug, but still comfortable. Pain is not good!

Attention! Not every cock ring is suitable for placement behind your scrotum.

How To:
Finding the right size!

Step 1: Ensure your penis is erect.

Step 2: Measure the circumference with a tape measure or string at the location where the cockring will sit.

Step 3: Use a ruler to measure the string: this is the circumference of the penis in centimeters.

Step 4: Divide the circumference by 3.14 (pi; π), then you have the correct size!

Different types.

Vibrating cockring.
With a vibrating cockring, you not only please yourself but also your partner!

Metal cockring.
This metal ring is often used as jewelry. There are many different variations, including cockrings suitable for bondage and SM.

Different types.

Leather cockring.
Not only does this one have a rugged look, but it's also super adjustable thanks to the snap buttons. Always handy!

Rubber and silicone cockring.
Because of the flexibility of these rings, they are easy to put on and take off, making them very suitable for beginners.

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