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Stranger Things Attack of the Mind Flayer NL

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The Mind Flayer is recruiting an army of Possessors to attack Earth, and he already has some of you in his power... Stay vigilant and make sure he doesn't attack you and your friends!


Two teams compete against each other: Healthy versus Possessed characters. Healthy characters must withstand the attacks of the Mind Flayer to win the game. Possessed characters must ensure that all Healthy players are Possessed or eliminated at the end of the game. On your turn, draw a card and give it to another player. You can help the player, take out, or... switch teams.

Stranger Things: Attack of the Mind Flayer is a fast and innovative bluffing game full of surprises.
Based on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.


  • 70 cards
  • 10 character tiles
  • 1 manual (Dutch)


Age 10+
Number of players 4 - 10
Playing time (min.) 20
Language Dutch
Publisher Rest